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Allergy patient care during the Covid-19 pandemic

While access to testing is limited, Dr Cecilia Trigg suggests interventions to help allergy sufferers

GPs alerted to ‘coronavirus-related’ condition emerging in children

GPs have received a 'significant alert' amid concerns that the coronavirus (Covid-19) may cause a 'multisystem inflammatory state' in children.

Eczema associated with increased fracture risk, researchers warn

Patients who have eczema have a greater risk of fracture, according to a new study. 

CPD – Casebook: Allergy

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Government to restrict GP prescribing of gluten-free foods from next month

GPs will no longer be able to prescribe a majority of gluten-free foods from next month, the Government has announced.

GPs ‘should limit’ adrenaline auto-injector prescriptions amid shortage

GPs should restrict adrenaline auto-injector prescriptions due to ongoing supply issues, the Department of Health and Social Care has said.

​Coeliac diagnoses increase despite GPs ordering fewer tests

The number of coeliac cases diagnosed in the UK rose by a quarter between 2011 and 2015, despite the fact that GPs ordered fewer diagnostic tests, a new study has said.

Schools asked GP practices to indemnify their use of adrenaline for allergies

Schools have asked GPs to indemnify their use of emergency adrenaline auto-injectors for allergies against all claims, according to local GP leaders.

New asthma guidelines – double trouble for GPs?

Dr Stephen Gaduzo and Dr Binita Kane

More GPs face restrictions on OTC prescribing

GPs in east Lancashire are the latest to face a curb on prescribing of over-the-counter medication.