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GPs favour retaining default remote consultations despite concerns

More than half of GPs wish to establish remote consultations

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2021: The year of the Covid vaccine

As GPs embark on the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Lily Canter

Bah humbug: The Pulse annual awards

It’s been a truly awful year, but to lighten the

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A hell of a year and a year of hell

We look at 2020 in general practice through the covers

GPs step up in 2020 to tackle Covid-19

After the toughest year ever for general practice, Nicola Merrifield

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NICE’s long Covid guideline will help GPs refer to local assessment clinics

The first definition of the longer-term effects of Covid-19 has

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A Christmas miracle needed

GPs have been given a bittersweet present in the form

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Staying positive: the stories of GPs helping and being helped

Pulse continues to receive examples of GPs and their communities

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Post-Covid GP workforce plans scuppered by long-term issues

Can retired GPs and underemployed locums be convinced to rejoin

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GPs exceeding last year’s flu vaccination rates

GPs are expected to vaccinate double the amount of people

The National Covid Service?

Covid infections are increasing daily and there are fears of

How practice closures declined but remained high in 2019

Practice closures seem to have levelled off after a steep

PCNs: The antisocial networks?

Since being announced as part of the GP contract in

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