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Mission improbable: How PCNs are coping with gradually increasing workload

There is mission creep in every area of the NHS

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Vaccination supply dips but effectiveness data provide cheer

Costanza Pearce looks at the latest victories and hurdles in

The new workload crisis

The pandemic has compounded already high GP workloads while bringing

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Quarter of a million under-40s prioritised for vaccination by QCovid

More than a quarter of a million patients aged under

How the removal of CCG powers could bring ‘significant change’ to GPs’ lives

Sweeping changes to local commissioning are on the horizon but

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Data lowdown: 1.7 million added to shielding list

The number of patients shielding from Covid-19 has fluctuated, but

GPs in drive to increase vaccine uptake among minority ethnic patients

As misinformation circulates about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, GPs

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How are we going to exit the pandemic?

A year on from the start of the UK’s first

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Why female GPs are earning 15% less than their male counterparts

A major independent review finds huge pay discrepancies remain, reports

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Will government plans to cut GP bureaucracy work?

While plans to reduce appraisal paperwork and other bureaucracy are

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The media’s anti-GP agenda

A Pulse investigation reveals GPs really did take a bashing

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What do GPs need in order to hit tight vaccine deadlines?

As GPs struggle with chaotic vaccine delivery, they set out

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GPs favour retaining default remote consultations despite concerns

More than half of GPs wish to establish remote consultations

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2021: The year of the Covid vaccine

As GPs embark on the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Lily Canter