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How practice closures declined but remained high in 2019

Practice closures seem to have levelled off after a steep

PCNs: The antisocial networks?

Since being announced as part of the GP contract in

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Data lowdown: How Hancock’s call for ‘all’ GP consultations to be remote is unrealistic

Covid-19 has prompted widespread use of remote consultations, but GPs aren’t confident it can continue as the health secretary would like, finds Nicola Merrifield

Proposed ban on opioids for chronic pain leaves GPs with scant options

NICE now recommends GPs do not prescribe opioids for chronic primary pain – but what are the alternatives, asks Emma Wilkinson

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How GPs are preparing themselves for this year’s mammoth flu programme

GPs are scrambling to deliver the largest-ever flu campaign. Emma Wilkinson reports

How Covid-19 exposed existing ethnic inequalities – including for GPs

Socioeconomic factors and discrimination – and not simply genetics – may be behind higher death rates of non-white people, including GPs. Nicola Merrifield reports

What does the future hold for GP bureaucracy?

Nicola Merrifield looks at which reforms will remain standard practice after the pandemic

How GPs have used the independent model to adapt in the pandemic

The flexibility of the partnership model has given GP practices the freedom to shine during awful times. Nicola Merrifield reports

Why GPs are awaiting a surge in patients in the fallout from Covid-19

How fewer patients during the pandemic is creating increasing anxiety among GPs

BAME GPs at higher risk

Efforts are being made to protect black, Asian and minority ethnic GPs from Covid-19, reports Jaimie Kaffash

How delays have hampered GPs’ efforts to assess patients at high risk from Covid-19

Pulse looks at the setbacks faced by GPs trying to assess which patients are most at risk from Covid-19

​GPs go forth: Has the Government’s strategy put GPs at risk?

Are the Government’s cunning plans putting frontline GPs at risk, asks Jaimie Kaffash

CCGs give GPs Covid-19 cash bailout amid wait for national funding clarity

Exclusive GP practices in some areas have been given a cash boost worth £1 per patient by their CCGs, to help cover the extra costs of managing the Covid-19 pandemic response.